"Don't Work Hard, Work Smart"
We are a Truly Australian Owned & Operated Enterprise

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Our Story

We are a team who have worked in hospitality for over 15 years each in different capacities. We quickly learnt that if one had to enjoy any quality of life, automation of the business is crucial. So we worked on the pain points and developed products to automate Hospitality back door.

"Not a Point Of Sale System"

Our Vision

We believe there are some tasks which just cannot be done any faster by human hands, these are the tasks which we automate: Table Booking & Management, Loyalty Member Signup & Management, Invoice Entry. These tasks are crucial but come with a heavy cost of backend hours.

We automate these for

"Less than an hour's wage PER WEEK"


"Not Tech Savvy"

Well you don't have to be. Our systems are like a computer system in a Car. You have expertise in driving the car so you drive the car.

 "We will ensure it runs smooth".


Our X Factor


"Delivery Marketplaces Bleed Businesses Towards Loss" 

F&B Venues pay anywhere between 27 to 38% to delivery marketplaces to get their foor to the customers. From start this is a loss making transaction and most businesses are not able to sustain it.


Moreover Alcohol delivery cannot be made possible due to the very small margin in Alcohol Retail and also due to the magnitude of compliance which engulfs the RSA protocols required in the Liquor Industry.


OzEats facilitates a partnership between the Venue, Customer, Delivery Partner and Technoloogy to achieve the impossible.

Maître D' Reservations

Maître D' is a Restaurant Reservation Management System "For Business Use". 

It is state of the art not because it can do fancy gimmicks, like allowing your patrons to book their own tables etc etc, But because Maître D' has the capacity to interface with any POS system which is modern in their technology.

Tables can be booked, seated, and closed directly from the POS system, avoiding the use of a 

" few different systems to do one job".

My Store Card

"20% of our clientele amount to 80% of the turnover" 

We have loyal patrons and we want to look after them, but the logistics of starting and maintaining a membership and loyalty is labour intensive, printing cards is expensive, members forget cards and searching them in POS is impossible.

Simplify registration with online signup application on your own website. Members can carry the card on the app and scan it on a compatible scanner.

"Pamper your patrons, that's why they come to your Venue"

Work Smart

" Don't Work hard      Work Smart"


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